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Your Car's A/C system has many components, including the compressor (helps move refrigerant through the system), the evaporator (pumps freon and helps remove heat and moisture from the outside air), the condenser (cools freon before returning to the compressor), and many other hoses and parts that work together to help regulate temperature. Similarly, the heating system is composed of the heater core, heater control valve, and heater hoses. With the many hoses containing pressure and complexity of the system, it is important to bring your vehicle to a specialist ac mechanic who knows how to safely repair the cooling and heating system. At Quick Service, our team of AC Mechanics have the expertise to do any works related to your Car Air Conditioning System. We are offering Car AC Service Starting from AED. 100 This AC servicing includes: - AC fault test - AC pressure test - Cleaning of entire system - Checking for leakages - AC gas re-fill from 30% to 40%

Our Mechanics can tell you the remaining useful life for your Car Battery via Checkup. Call us if you need to Replace your Car Battery. We can do New Battery Replacement at your site within Dubai.

At Quick Service, our car technicians are trained to service brakes on all makes and models of cars, and SUVs. Regular brake service & brake maintenance is important not only for the performance of your car, but also for the safety. If you need new brakes pads, rotors, or any other part and we can arrange original car parts and other top-quality aftermarket parts for your car. Our highly trained car brake specialists will help determine what brake pads and rotors are best for your car and your driving patterns, so that you can be confident that your brakes will be prepared when you need them the most. Call us today, and you will see we offer the best brake service!

Computer Diagnostics and Testing is critical to diagnose modern cars. At Quick Service Auto Repairing we offer you free computer check up every time you change Car Engine Oil & Filter or Transmission Oil & Filter with us. Regular computer checks are a must for your car maintenance which assures the longevity, reliability, and performance of your car. Trust the expert auto technicians at Quick Service for outstanding scheduled car maintenance services for all cars of all makes and models with latest Car Computer Diagnostics & Testing tools. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. From engine tune-ups to tire rotations, our team will help keep your vehicle safe, dependable, and well-maintained by following manufacturer service recommendations. Contact us for Comprehensive Auto Maintenance Services including, Free Car Computer Diagnostics & Testing with Minor Service or Major Service • Factory schedule car maintenance

The most common problems that occur with the car cooling system involve deteriorated hoses, a broken serpentine belt (which powers the water pump), a failing radiator cap, and a failing water pump. Maintenance should be performed on a regular basis to be sure these important components are in tip-top shape. Proper car cooling system maintenance means using the right coolant recommended for your car by the factory combined with distilled water in the correct measurements. All vehicle manufacturers have a designated coolant designed for each specific engine and cooling system. Our car technicians have the knowledge and experience to get your coolant refilled in the proper ratio for optimum performance and longevity. Advanced Auto Cooling System Services: • Radiator flushes • Replace radiator hoses • Replace radiator belts • Replace radiator caps • Repair water pumps • Repair heater cores • Repair temperature sensors • Repair electric coolant pumps

Today’s cars have complex electrical systems. Are the electrical components in your car malfunctioning? The skilled professionals at Quick Service are here to help! From power windows to headlights, you can depend on us for efficient car electrical repair services.

Regular car minor service / engine oil and filter change is a must to keep your car engine performance up to the mark. Quick Service Auto Repairing has experienced mechanics which are competent enough to do any car engine related works. You can bring to us your Exotic Car, Japanese Car or Korean Car, An American Or European Car, or Any Other Car Make for a range of services from Car Engine Oil Service, Car Engine Repair to car engine overhauling. Our Car Engine Oil & Filter Change offer price starts from AED. 99

At Quick Service, our team can handle the repairs and maintenance on all the components of your car exhaust system. These include the exhaust manifolds, oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, muffler, and pipe that carries fumes to and through the rear of the vehicle. We have state-of-the art equipment and trained car mechanics to properly service exhaust systems for all car makes and models.

We all have to stop at the gas station and fuel, some more frequently than others, but most people tend to take the car fuel system for granted. The function of the fuel system within your car is to store and supply the fuel to the car cylinder chambers. Here, it is vaporized and burned to produce the energy your car needs to run. Basically, your fuel system consists of a fuel tank in which the gasoline or diesel is stored, a fuel pump that draws the fuel through the fuel lines to a carburetor or fuel injector (whichever your vehicle employs), and delivers for combustion. If any of these components fails, your car could experience serious issues, including no longer running at all. The mechanics at Quick Services are well educated in the functionality of various fuel systems and can assist you by identifying and repairing any problems found in the fuel system on your vehicle. Whether there is a fuel leak, a broken baffle, or a clogged fuel filter, we can handle the job for you.

Quick Service Auto Repair is a full-service, car maintenance and auto repair shop. Quick Service is made up of a team of trustworthy mechanics who have years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing both domestic and foreign cars. We work hard to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve in knowing that their car will be serviced or repaired correctly the first time. Our team has the skills, training and equipment needed to perform all necessary maintenance on your new car – without voiding your warranty. We stress consistent car maintenance over repair work to save our customers money in the long run. Simple car maintenance is much cheaper than huge car repairs, and it takes less time. We find that many of the most expensive repairs we complete are a result of overdue maintenance. Call us for regular Car Engine Oil Service/Car Minor Service/ to Car Major Service, Car Mechanical Repairs, Car Electrical Repairs, and Car Body Shop Works

We value your time and offer 24/7 Car Pickup & Towing arrangement. It’s a car breakdown or regular service we can pick your car and bring it to our Garage within Dubai.

Your car steering and car suspension system should be reviewed on a periodic basis. You shall inspect your car steering and car suspension 1. At every 50,000 miles 2. Get visual inspection done whenever you change Engine Oil & Filter 3. Annually 4. When you replace your car tyres At Quick Service Auto Repairing our experienced mechanics can perform Car Steering service/ Car Steering maintenance & Car Suspension repairs.

Quick Service Auto Repair has experienced team of car mechanics who you can trust for your Car Transmission Service/Gearbox Service, Car Transmission Repair & Replacement. We can find the right transmission for your car, and always suggest the use of parts from reliable suppliers. Modern cars are dependent on their components working seamlessly together. Now more than ever it is important that your new transmission fits the original factory specifications. Denting And Painting Services / Car Body Shop Our Auto Body Technicians can restore your damaged and give it a new look. Our auto body shop has best Auto Denter for removing dents in a flawless manner and best auto painter to paint your car in Dubai.

Well maintained and reliable tires are an important part of keeping your car safe—it is no help if you have fantastic brakes but tyres without any threads or grip. We make sure that your tires are in a good condition and make recommendations when it is time to do a tyre replacement. You shall do car wheel alignment regularly, as it keeps Tyres in good shape. If wheels are not aligned and balanced, they will be damaged, and you might need to replace your car tyre even before their useful life. Contact us from tyre rotation, wheel alignment to car tyre replacement.

Our Car Valeting and Detailing Services will give a new look and life to your car. Call us for Car Washing to Car polishing, our experienced staff will do best car polish in Dubai.

Our Auto Body Technicians can restore your damaged car and give it a new look. Our auto body shop has best Auto Denter for removing dents in a flawless manner and best auto painter to paint your car in Dubai.

We make Buying a Used car easy for you. Do a Pre Purchase Inspection before buying a used car and have a peace of mind that money you are spending is not in vain. We do car visual inspection and computer diagnostics as part of PPI.



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