KIA Repairing Service

KIA Repairing Service


Quick Service Auto Repairing Service Center is serving the people of Dubai with the quality services of repairing and maintenance of their vehicles. This is the only service center of its standard in the city. It is the best choice for your car.

Quick Service Auto Repairing workshop is providing you with the repairing and maintaining services for the KIA Automobile Manufacturing Company. We will give you the best services that no one will give you.

Pre-Purchase KIA Inspection

Quick Service Auto Repairing is providing you the service of a pre-purchase inspection. If you have an idea to buy an old KIA, Then you do have not to take worry just make an appointment from the Quick Service Auto Repairing Service Center for the PPI. This service will provide you the information about the present condition of your KIA Vehicle.

Major Services for the KIA Vehicles

Quick Service is providing the following Services

* Engine Service for all KIA models

* Tyre Services

* Battery Replacement  Service

* Picking and Towing Service in City

* KIA Painting and Denting Service

* Valeting and Detailing Service Center

* Exhaust and Cooling System Repair

* Computer and Electrical diagnostics

* Transmission System Maintenance

* Gear and Brakes Repairing and Maintenance

* Pre-Purchase KIA Inspection Service


Minor Services for KIA Vehicles

Quick Services Auto Repairing Workshop is giving you minor services for the old and new KIA Models. We are providing such quality services at a very compareable price e.g. AED .159 for 10,000km and AED .499 for 15,000km. There are some minor services provided by the Quick Service:-

* Engine Oil Change

* Oil Filter Replacement

* AC Filter

* Air Filter Cleaning

* Electrical Diagnostics Report

* Fluids Filled To Top

* Pressure of Tyre

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