Car Engine Repair in Dubai

Car Engine Maintenance

Car Engine Maintenance

We provide an extensive range of Car Engine Services like oil changes, filter replacements, spark plug replacements, and belt replacements to keep your car running at its best. We also offer scheduled car maintenance services, including regularly checking the brakes, fluids, air filters, Engine Misfire, and other vital engine parts of your engine system. Our team thoroughly inspects your vehicle's engine system and uses modern tools and equipment to deliver exceptional results.
Nissan Sentra Engine Repairing Service

Car Engine Repair

Whether you have an engine light issue, oil leakage, engine failure, engine overhauling, or overheating of the engine, our experienced team can handle any car engine issue. We specialize in car engine rebuilds and repairs, ensuring that your car runs like new.
Chevrolet Cruze LS Engine Replacement service

Car Engine Replacement

Depending on your engine type, we can provide full engine replacements or repairs if there is damage to your car. We are experienced and knowledgeable, so you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in good hands with complete car engine replacement.
BMW 325i Engine Rebuild Service
BMW 325i Engine Rebuild Service

Types of Engine Repair or Maintenance Offered

We provide minor tune-ups such as spark plug replacement or valve adjustments, significant overhauls such as transmission rebuilds or cylinder head replacements, and everything else. We also offer brake repairs, air conditioning servicing, suspension work, electrical tests and engine diagnostics, and belt replacements. All these services are done with the utmost precision to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Audi Q3 Engine Overhauling
Audi Q3 Engine Overhauling

Repair of water pump

Replacement of timing belt

Replacement of U-joint (drive shaft replacement)

Replacement of engine oil cooler

Changing the coolant tank

Replacement of valve cover gasket

Replacing control arms (both upper and lower)

Replacement fuel pump

Replacement of the fan belt

Replacement fan clutch

Replacement of radiator

Replacement engine gasket

Replacement of starter

Replacement of engine seal

Replacement of alternator

Changing oil pan

Replacement oil pan gasket

Replacement Valvetronic motor

engine mounting replacement

Replacing the spark plugs

Replacing the tie rod ends

Replacing the cooling fan module

Replacing the fan ceiling

Replacing the engine pipes

Repairing and replacing the coolant oil seal

Replacing the engine fuel hose

Best Car Engine Repair Service in Dubai, UAE

Quick Service Auto Repairing is the best car repair service center in Dubai. We offer a wide range of services to help keep your engine running smoothly, from engine overheating and engine timing to vehicle engine oil leak repairs.


Chevrolet Cruze Engine Overhauling
Chevrolet Cruze Engine Overhauling

Car Engine Repair Near Me

Quick Service Auto Repair is the place to go if you're looking for quality car engine repair near you in Al Quoz Dubai. Our experienced team of mechanics provides comprehensive Car Engine Maintenance and engine repair services that keep your vehicle running like new.

Ford Edge Engine Change Service
Ford Edge Engine Change Service

Car Engine Repair Cost

Cost can be determined after the car engine diagnosis and engine problem. Our technicians will assess your car's engine, diagnose the issue, and provide an accurate estimate for repair. Our prices are competitive with other auto repair shops in Dubai, but we guarantee satisfaction with all the work done.


BMW X5 Engine Repair Service
BMW X5 Engine Repair Service
Hyundai Engine Heating Inspection
Hyundai Engine Heating Inspection

Need a Car Engine Repair in Dubai?

If you need a car engine repair or rebuild in Dubai, look no further, Quick Service Auto Repair is available at affordable prices with the best service. The experienced technicians will provide you with reliable and quality services. All repairs are conducted quickly and efficiently to ensure you don't have to wait too long for your car to return to the road.